Hotels & Accommodation in Mykonos - Aletro Cottage Houses


Spa services, horse-riding, cooking lessons and participation in the chores of the cottage house are only some of the services provided by Aletro Cottage Houses.

Rejuvenate your mind and body!

Indulge in a soothing massage session by professionals who will calm and cheer you up after a full day.

Other lavish and relaxing spa treatments are available for guests in search of a relaxing holiday.

Spa services are actually one of our newest amenities, and especially, the most requested one.

Situated in idyllic surroundings and decorated with minimal details, the Spa of Aletro Cottage Houses, offers the perfect choice for those wishing to fully escape from routine life.

Bring along your beloved one and try out soothing couple treatments!

Enjoy outdoor jacuzzi moments!

An outdoor jacuzzi is available at our Sea View suite’s balcony.

The view to the sea and Town is terrific and this suite’s balcony is ideally located in the upper level of the Aletro Cottage Houses facility to provide the privacy needed for our guests to use the outdoor jacuzzi.

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