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Activities in Mykonos

Whether your vacation in Mykonos will be a friends gathering, a romantic getaway or a family holiday, there are so many incredible activities to choose during the daytime.

For those who want to make their day just as exciting as their evening plans, we’ve put together a list of the coolest things to do before the sun goes down.

Visit the Windmills in Chora

Have a drink in little Venice

Walk around Chora’s alleyways

Go window-shopping on Chora’s luxury, top fashion stores

Take a boat trip to the archaeological site of Delos

Stroll around the old port

Meet Peter the Pelekan in Mykonos

Visit the 60 churches in Chora

Explore the island’s magical beaches

Admire the scenic view from Armenistis Lighthouse

And of course….. Join the nightlife party!

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